Windshield and Auto Glass Repair Consumer Facts


In North Carlolina, you have the right to choose any glass company to do you repairs or replacements. We are approved by all major insurance companies. Just give them our phone number when calling in your claim, and they’ll get in touch with us with all billing information.
How would you like to have your windshield repaired at no cost to you? Most car owners have comprehensive coverage on their auto insurance policies, with deductibles ranging from $50 – $1000. If you decide to go with a windshield repair instead of the replacement option your insurance company may waive any deductible amount and pay for the entire cost of the repair.

Replacement Windshields

On average, 13 to 14 million windshields are manufactured or imported into the U.S. every year to replace windshields damaged in use.  Laminated safety glass is used for windshields to reduce flying glass and occupant ejection from the vehicle in collisions.  Windshields are secured to the vehicle body (pinchweld) using high-strength urethane adhesives. There are different types of urethane with different bonding and curing characteristics.
Al and his sons give the utmost attention to detail in removing the old windshield, and preparing your vehicle for the new  adhesive. This ensures that the new windshield will maintain the same structural integrity as the old windshield, to keep you and your family safe.

Windshield Repair Facts:

Road debris often strikes a windshield and creates damage in the glass. The damage usually ranges from small “nicks” to areas as large as a 50-cent piece. Most breaks smaller than a quarter diameter can be repaired.  Most breaks have a dark or silver appearance when the damage first occurs. The repair process will remove the shadow and restore the appearance back 85%. Some breaks with small fractures will leave a reflection after the repair has been completed. If your damage is located within the driver’s line of sight (an area of 8 1/2 X 11 inches) you should not repair the break.

Windshield Repair can:

Stop damage from spreading. Restore structural integrity to the damaged glass.Improve  clarity in the damaged area.Be environmentally friendly because it extends useful life of the glass.Save consumers money over windshield replacement.